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The Verge — January 07th, 2016

Uraniom and itSeez3D, the technologies behind putting your face into the game, have been around for awhile, so the innovation here is how quickly and well Intel’s RealSense tech can 3D scan your head. It’s pretty good, though you’d have to be pretty self-absorbed to want to spend the money you’d need to get a RealSense tablet just so you could see your own face in video games. Instead, Intel’s goal is to make RealSense a widely adopted standard so that you have that option already built in to whatever you happen to buy next.

Forbes — November 29th, 2014

Forbes-Logo-EPS-vector-imageA new product from an entrepreneurial technology company has the potential to open up 3D printing by providing consumers with easy access to high-level 3D scanning technology.

TechCrunch — July 21st, 2014

techcrunchNow anyone with an iPad and the Structure Sensor can create 3D models using objects they see around them. This opens up a world of possibilities for engineers, designers, inventors, architects and manufactures.

VentureBeat — June 25th, 2014

With Itseez’s app and the sensor, you can scan any object, or even a human head quickly and easily, and then either send the scan through email as an attached .ply or .obj file, or upload it into SketchFab, a browser-based 3D design viewer and online portfolio.


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