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Virtual Reality Times — April 14th, 2017

Avatar SDK is an advanced smartphone-based 3D avatar creation technology that uses A.I. to create photorealistic 3D avatars of people from a single selfie. The app uses deep learning to predict the shape and texture of both a face and a head, length of a nose, form of lips and cheeks. So each avatar turns completely unique and realistic!

Polygon — March 08th, 2017

Every time I have tried and failed to scan my face into a sports video game, I’ve gotten 500 tweets and comments about what I was doing wrong…OK, fine. Here’s a solution, from San Jose-based ItSeez3D, that completely wipes out all of those excuses. I tried it at GDC 2017, and any video game thinking about offering this kind of customization option should use it, because all it needs to build a 3D model of the head is a standard selfie.

3D Scan Expert — January 17th, 2017

For now I must say I’m impressed by how fast and fun this way of 3D capture is. The threshold doesn’t get any lower than — consumers can just use the phone they have — and AI algorithms like this will get better over time. This might just make 3D scanning mainstream!

3D Scan Expert — November 14th, 2016

After more than a month of experimenting with the Structure Sensor and itSeez3D I can simply say it’s the best way to make great 3D scans in this price range—especially if you already own a compatible iPad. It really is the point-and-shoot of 3D Scanning for everyone! I’m impressed by the results with my iPad mini 2, so anything newer will make the texture quality even better.


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