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itSeez3D 2.0

January 12, 2015

In these snowy days we are happy to announce a new major version of itSeez3D, the first mobile scanner with high-resolution textures for Structure Sensor.


By popular demand we have added a new mode for the full body scanning. To start this mode you should choose the human scanning and just rotate your device to the portrait orientation before pressing the start button. All details about the full body mode are available in our new tutorial here. We strongly recommend to watch it before scanning in order to get really high quality scans.


You can see the possibility of this mode on the following New Year scan:



Also you can see several examples of full body scans on our Sketchfab account.


by itSeez3D
on Sketchfab


In full-body mode we advice to capture more frames to get a high quality 3D model. Also, the reconstruction process for a human model is more complex and therefore time consuming. For these reasons all stages (including uploading, computing, downloading) take more time. The full body model computation in the cloud can take up to 20 minutes.


Also we increased resolution of RGB images used to generate texture for the models. In previous versions we utilized 3MP images for object scanning and FullHD for human mode. Currently we have changed this scheme. Now we are using the maximum possible resolution for your device. It is 3MP for iPad 4, 5MP for iPad Air/iPad mini with Retina display and 8MP for iPad Air 2. By default when you press the “Send to render” button we resize all RGB images to 3MP resolution to decrease computation time and time needed to send data to the cloud. So even in this mode resolution of the images in human scanning mode increases from FullHD to 3MP. However if you need extremely high quality of the texture you can turn on “High quality” switcher in settings of the application. After that we will not resize your datasets before sending them to the cloud. But in this mode you should be ready for bigger sending and processing time.


We want to notice that we don’t yet fully support iPad Air 2, because its brackets have just appeared. We plan that we will start to work with it in the next nearest version.


We have added support of the newest SDK for Occipital Structure Sensor and spent a lot of time to stabilize and optimize our application, so we hope that new version will be more solid.


We also recommend to carefully read the new license of the application, because starting with this version it allows only non-commercial use of itSeez3D. The full text of the license is available on our website. If you want to use itSeez3D commercially, please contact us with the following email


itSeez3D team


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