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Avatar SDK

Photorealistic avatars
for games,
VR and AR

Make a selfie with your smartphone.
Get your personalized 3D avatar in a few minutes!

Create a 3D avatar from selfie!

itSeez3D Avatar SDK is an advanced smartphone-based 3D scanning technology that turns a single selfie photo into a photorealistic 3D avatar.

Using just a camera of a smartphone with no additional hardware, itSeez3D Avatar SDK allows to create a high quality 3D model of a face ready for gaming, virtual and augmented reality experience – all in a couple of minutes. See our demo here.

The beta-version of the itSeez3D Avatar SDK will be available in Q1 2017. If you would like to participate, you can sign up for itSeez3D Avatar Beta SDK here.

Download demo app: iOS (works on iPhone 5s or later) and Android (works on Android 5.0 and later).